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"I was nervous about ordering such a large piece from a vendor in Bulgaria but it was a very smooth process and I am soooo happy with this amazing cabinet. It truly is a work of art, absolutely stunning. "

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ER Casa




ER Casa was born out of the desire to infuse authenticity, creativity, and innovation. Home, to us, is the perfect setting where aesthetics meet emotion. A place - both physical and spiritual - to which you aspire to return.


The fusion of craftsmanship and style is evident in every creation, incorporating traces of nature heritage and contemporary elegance.


Creating beauty is an artistic process. It begins with the material's infinite possibilities, shaped by skilled artisans until it gains a soul. ER Casa's furniture originates from visionary ideas, resulting in unique, lasting pieces. The essence lies in the details: combination between nature's most precious resources and meticulous craftsmanship.

Not coming across what you are looking for?

We offer customizable pieces made to order, tailored for your space. Choose sizes, finishes, styles, and leg configurations to match your preferences.

  • Personal Touch

    Our custom-made pieces are meticulously crafted, ensuring a personal touch and tailored approach to meet your unique preferences and style.

  • Sustainability

    Our materials are carefully selected, consisting of premium reclaimed wood and responsibly sourced hardwood obtained from European regions.

  • Approval & Shipping

    We send photos for approval on each step of the creation process and before your piece leaves our shop, making sure that you are completely satisfied with it before it gets shipped.

  • Earth-Conscious Materials

    We ensure the highest quality by utilizing non-toxic epoxy resin and VOC-free finishes, guaranteeing a toxin-free environment in your home.

  • Full Insurance

    Through our partnership with leading shipping companies, we offer guaranteed worldwide delivery, ensuring zero risk and 100% insurance coverage.

  • Top Quality Guarantee

    Our work comes with a lifetime guarantee. In case of any furniture-related concerns, feel free to reach out to us for a satisfactory solution.

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